5 Ways to Kick Start your Career after Grad School

    The great thing about job hunting is that is helps you find your passion for work. You can then start to build on the skills needed for you to make an impact in the areas that matter the most to you. It’s hard to break out of the college thought process and get

What Switching Jobs frequently means to Employers

  Changing jobs frequently is no longer a red flag. Companies expect employees to leave within a shorter time frame. New hires can then infuse enthusiasm into the role and bring a fresh approach to the job. New skills are constantly in demand, and as more passionate people seek lucrative opportunities, companies hire to replace

Plan your career like a pro

Starting your career out of college is a lot like going pro in Golf. The swing fundamentals and short game technique mean you have the mechanics, all you need now is strategy. Trying to make it in the first drive is a dummy move. It does happen (in par-4 it’s called a double eagle) but

Being on the Cutting Edge – Most Wanted Job Skills

The present-day job market is a fast-changing and complex place to be in. Even if we are hard working and dedicated workers who put in the required hours and are good at our work, we still need to have that something extra, a cutting edge. This can happen by learning those skills which are most

India’s most in Demand Professions

It is everyone’s greatest desire to become Richie Rich; work in a dream job and earn a fat paycheck. What makes some people earn money in lakhs and crores? It is obviously the jobs that are most in demand in our country which would pay their employees these kinds of salaries. Let’s look at the

His and Hers

Biggest obstacle to women receiving equal wages A joke doing the rounds states how working hours are referred to as “ man hours”, because a “woman would have  that s*** done in 20 minutes”. Yet the reality is that recent data collected in 2015 shows that the average wage of a woman who is working

Work Life Balance – Balancing the Life Act

  One of the key characteristics we often see among successful people is their ability to think holistically, to take the environment in which the operate and piece together the different components which enable them to see beyond the immediate cause-effect equation, to understand the unity amidst the dissonance. Another factor which shapes the mindset

Ways to Accelerate Your Job Hunt

  The job market is constantly shifting. Jobs which are in demand today may not even exist 5 years from now. While getting your first job can define the trajectory of your career, what you really need is to get equipped with a mindset which can enable you to constantly learn, take on new challenges,

Putting yourself out there: the career necessity of risk taking

Assume you need a career. Not all of us are confident that we can learn at any stage in life, and those of us who are, might yet still be misguided. So, what would you consider a safe game in your career playbook? Risk Taking as Foundation Seasoned Wall Street veteran, Sally Krawcheck says that

Why Quitting Your Job Won’t Be The Worst Thing You Did!

How employers look at job-seekers today is quite similar to how VCs look at a start-up seeking funding. They would analyse the risk, presumably by looking at the years spent in previous organizations, and the reward, best demonstrated by the outcomes delivered in previous roles. So how do you compare on the stability-performance chart? Let

“We look for candidate’s who have the will to stretch themselves with respect to skills and hard work”, says Bipin Preet Singh, Founder & CEO, MobiKwik

In conversation with Bipin Preet Singh, Founder & CEO, MobiKwik How and when did you feel the need to start MobiKwik? What makes MobiKwik different from the other mobile wallet companies in the market? In 2009 I was bored with my corporate job as a chip architect.  Hardware did not excite me and as a

5 Things Successful People Do During Lunch Hours

Did you know that what you do during the lunch hours could have an impact on your career? Probably not. Though not the only way to success, one look at how successful people around the globe utilize their lunch break, you will be able to correlate the two. Let’s take a look into their life and

Modern Workplaces: 7 Ways Millennials are Changing The Rules At Work

Change, the only constant, is yet again knocking at the door. This time it is at the workplace. With the Millennials coming of age, by the end of the next decade, they will be the largest generation in the workplace. The biggest outcome of this change is in the work culture because like all previous

“Just a small tweak can multiply your conversions & such results always motivate you”, says Deepesh Sharma, Digital Marketing Manager, Digital Vidya

In conversation with Deepesh Sharma, Digital Marketing Manager, Digital Vidya Please tell us about your professional & academic background. What are your key responsibilities at your current job? I started my career as an entrepreneur when I started my company in my 3rd year of Engineering. Although I am an electronics and communication engineer and

“#Lookup captured our endless pursuit of optimism”, says Saket V. Rao, Vice President and Head of Brand, Housing.com

In Conversation with Saket V. Rao, Vice President and Head of Brand, Housing.com Let’s look at your success path; can you give our readers a bird’s eye view of your career till now? I have always been a sincere student of marketing In my first year of graduation by some stroke of luck (and academia)

“The next big innovation is probably going to be related to how products get delivered to the doorstep of the consumer”, says Albinder Dhindsa, Co-Founder, Grofers

In conversation with Albinder Dhindsa, Co-Founder, Grofers How and when did you feel the need to start Grofers? What makes Grofers different from the other grocery apps in the market? We used to be a delivery service for local merchants and realized that the ordering process from these shops was still unreliable, offline and unorganized. Hence, we

“Product Managers stand strongly between the technology and business teams”, says Varun Kumar, Product Manager, ShopClues

In conversation with Varun Kumar, Product Manager, Shopclues Please walk us through your professional & academic background. Can you also brief us about your role in ShopClues? I completed my graduation in Computer Science from Lucknow and then got placed in IBM as a software engineer. Post that I moved to TCS and worked there

Parallels in the evolution of Cricket & Marketing

By Vedanarayanan Vedantham Cricket has gone through multiple rounds of evolution over the last several decades. It started off with just one format – Test Cricket. Excellence during this period demanded attributes such as patience, persistence, technical expertise. With the advent of the shorter One Day international format, innovation, flexibility and an ability to make

“We want to reach a point where there is no education barrier for using our product”, says Manas Wadhwa, Co-Founder & CEO, WeddingPlz.com

In conversation with Manas Wadhwa, Co-Founder & CEO, WeddingPlz.com How and when did you feel the need to start WeddingPlz? Was it based on a personal experience or did you simply see it as an existing gap in the market? The story begins when we started Virtual Space Infotech, a company that creates virtual tours,

“We started offline stores to provide a holistic experience to our customers”, says Vikram Chopra, Co-founder, FabFurnish

In conversation with Vikram Chopra, Co-founder, FabFurnish How and when did you feel the need to start FabFurnish? Was it based on a personal experience or did you simply see it as an existing gap in the market? Indian home and furniture is a $20bn market and growing at a fast pace but surprisingly lacks