Introducing a Follow-Up Option for Candidates?

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Update: Thanks for all the comments and mails. However, upon further deliberation with our product team, we’ve decided not to introduce this feature as of now. We’re brainstorming on other ideas that will be beneficial to candidates.

A recruiter just re-posted a job that I had applied to a few months back and one which I felt I was a good fit. This means that he probably didn’t find any suitable profiles. Right?

But what if he somehow overlooked my application? And maybe in these few months, I’ve acquired some additional relevant skills that might just make him (re)consider my profile. How can I re-apply to that job again (because currently you cannot apply again to the same job) or send the recruiter a little reminder?

If you’ve been in the above situation before and wondered what can be done, then you might just be in luck. We’re planning to introduce a new feature but we thought it would be best to hear your opinion on the same before launching any additional feature.

This new feature is called the “Follow-Up” and is only applicable to jobs that you’ve applied to. It can be used in cases wherein you felt you were a good fit for a particular opening but ultimately, the recruiter did not take any action on your application (i.e.: the status was not changed to either Viewed, Downloaded, Saved for Future Use, Shortlisted or Not Suitable) and you would like to “follow-up” a second time with the recruiter on the same.

How It Works:

  • Let’s assume you’ve applied to this job (Unilever – Brand Manager (8-10 yrs)) and the recruiter did not take any action on your CV (i.e.: the status was not changed to either Viewed, Downloaded, Saved for Future Use, Shortlisted or Not Suitable)
  • You want to now use the “follow up” option on this particular job posting
  • If the recruiter still does not perform any action on your application within 7 days of using the follow up button, we’ll re-credit this follow up back into your account.

Important Points:

  • This feature will only be available to our Pro Members
  • Every Pro member receives a maximum of 3 Follow ups every month (so for people who’ve bought the 6 month plan, you’re entitled to 18 follow ups)
  • You can “follow up” on a job only once
  • Follow up applications that don’t elicit a status change from the recruiter within 7 days will be re-credited back into your account and continue to accumulate till expiry of the plan.

Do you think this is a good feature for candidates? We’d love to hear your thoughts on the same so do drop in a line to

P.S – Please note that this feature has not been launched yet nor have any timelines been decided. We’re still seeking feedback from candidates as to whether it should be introduced or not


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