PowerPoint Tips

5 Ways You Can KILL Someone with Your PowerPoint Presentation

People hate Microsoft and a lot of that has to do with them giving us PowerPoint. The only people who’re an exception to this rule and absolutely love (the swooning type of love) PowerPoint presentations are MBA’s because frankly, that’s just about the only thing you learn in a B-school. I mean who has time for classes and case-studies after all those parties, binge drinking and watching the latest “How I Met Your Mother” episodes!

Naturally, they think their PowerPoint presentations are a boon to mankind whereas in reality, they’re the closest thing to wiping out our species with the exception of a nuclear holocaust or Uday Chopra’s acting.

So below are 5 Awesome Tips to keep in mind when making your next PowerPoint Presentation.

1. It’s Not a Thesis

There’s a reason why it’s called PowerPoint and not PowerThesis! Yes, in your heart, you dream to be the next Charles Dickens or Dan Brown (depending on the genre) but this is not the place to show you can write.

Too Much Text

So remember, your audience is not here for a comprehension exam. Keep it short, crisp and simple and your audience will live.

2. Text, Text Everywhere & No Picture to be Seen

I always used to wonder why a picture is worth a thousand words and then God decided to make me realize this via my ex-boss. And even though his PowerPoint presentations followed Rule number 1, they were so boring that I actually began dreading all team meetings.

Powerpoint Pictures

Remember though, go easy with the pictures and whenever you do use them, make sure to include the source. We Indians love plagiarism (yeah, we know about the Windows 8 you downloaded illegally last week) but please give credit where it’s due.

 P.S – For starters, please share this on Facebook/Twitter with original credits. Go ahead, we won’t bite!

3. Color Combinations worse than Govinda style Pants

Who doesn’t love a splash of color in their lives! Unfortunately, some people take that a little too seriously and hence, we have PowerPoint presentations that look straight like they walked out of a David Dhawan comedy.

Bad Color Combinations in PowerPoint

Black text on a white background looks best so keep it simple. Yeah, we know pink is the new metro-sexual but unless you want your audience to run away screaming murder, stay away from bright colors.

P.S – Try this as a team game. Put red text on a blue background and ask each of your team members to read the slide. Whoever can’t is colorblind and has to treat. It works great for employee morale!

4. Testing Your Audience for Eyesight

I’m sure you would have seen the Seagram’s ad which says, “Make it Large”. Well, the same goes for your PowerPoint presentation as well. So remember, Font 12 is a big No (just the way your mother said it when you were a kid).

Tiny Font in Presentations

Ideally it should be a 16 (that’s the way I like it) but you can experiment and see what works best for you.

5. We Love Animations but Only those by Disney!

This one’s for all those who love to put animations into their PowerPoint presentations. Do it but seriously, if every slide of yours comes flying out like Superman; then clearly you’ve got a problem.

Powerpoint Animations

Use animations strategically (I love that word. Sounds good anywhere) and think of them as an awesome punch-line to be used for maximum impact. They should make your audience go weak in the knees and have women swooning all over you (well, you get the point, I’m sure).

P.S – This is my punch line – > Power corrupts, PowerPoint corrupts absolutely!

Here’s a something great we found that puts all the above ideas in…well, a PowerPoint Presentation. Enjoy it!