The Power of LinkedIn

3 LinkedIn Groups to Help You with Your Job Search

The Power of LinkedInIt’s often referred to as the poor child of social networking thanks to the media limelight that Facebook and Twitter generally hog up but the truth is, when it comes to serious business; nothing kicks ass as good as LinkedIn!

It might not be the darling of Silicon Valley but even at one-sixth the size of Facebook, there’s a big reason why Wall Street loves LinkedIn more than Facebook. Currently, it is trading at twice its IPO price; whereas Facebook is trading at 52% of its IPO price.

For people hunting jobs, there’s no better place to look (well, apart from us, of course!). Hell, even companies like Microsoft, Ebay, Netflix, and Target have used LinkedIn to recruit candidates for employment!

So to help you network more effectively on LinkedIn, here are the official iimjobs tips (free of cost) on using 3 LinkedIn groups to help you with your job search.

1. The Official Alumni Group of your College

Don’t ever ignore the power of your Alma mater. Especially when it can help you find that awesome job you’ve always wanted to help you pay off the educational loan you took in the first place!

And even though you might have an alumni job portal or mailing list, join this group and use it effectively to connect with your alumni who’re at senior positions in various companies.

2. Companies you want to Work For

This might sound like the lamest of lame tips but it’s also the most powerful and simplest of them all. LinkedIn now allows you to even follow companies so use these 2 features to get to know some people on the inside who can connect you to that elusive HR.

P.S – You can connect with us at our official LinkedIn group. Yes, we are unabashedly shameful when it comes to promoting ourselves!

3. Glassdoor

For all those not from this planet, Glassdoor helps you find out the average salary at various positions in various companies. It’s extremely valuable information that you can use to negotiate your salary at a new job (4 Highly Effective Tips to Negotiating a Higher Salary).

LinkedIn Cartoon

Once you’ve joined these 3 groups, it’s time to move in for the kill! Don’t and we repeat, don’t ever try to sell yourself in these groups; instead try and build relationships. Observe how these groups function, what types of discussions take place and then participate and build trust.

Be Patient. It took 15 years for Peter Parker to find his dream job!

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