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Call them marketing sins…

call them marketing sinsSelfish – Everyone has a choice and if the consumer figures out that it’s not about them and is only about you, the choice will soon shift elsewhere.

False – If you don’t tell the consumer the truth, it’s perhaps because you’re selfish. Will it be smart to sacrifice your future to get something now?

Inconsistent – The consumer might not pay much attention but when they do, it certainly helps if they hear the same voice they heard from last time.

Annoyed – Why are you angry at the consumer? It’s not something they want to be a part of.

Envious– Is someone doing better than you? There will always be someone doing better than you. But if you let your envy change your products or your story or attitude, the consumer will soon leave.

Impulsive – Great marketing takes time. Doing it wrong and impatiently costs much more and takes longer than doing it right, but slowly, over the same amount of time.

Self-obsessed – Others buy from you, you don’t buy from yourself. The consumer doesn’t care about your business and your troubles as much as you do.

Sure, call them human shortcomings instead of marketing sins.

Empathy, humility, honesty, consistency, generosity, patience and kindness are all safe alternatives.

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