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Will we ever get there?

will we ever get thereWhen there is…

A blog instead of a resume

A project instead of a cover letter

A website instead of a business card

The competition is with only oneself

Performance being valued over recommendation

Honesty favored over patronizing

Integrity valued over nepotism

Candor preferred over diplomacy

Credibility is given due importance

Loyalty becomes a character

Virtues become non-negotiable

Building trust becomes important

Work ethics become a way of life

Creativity over bureaucracy

Talent/skills over references

Experience over qualification

Start-ups over brands

Giving more than you get

Leading only by example

Standing up even if it is standing alone

Buying becomes selling

Failure is celebrated

Saying no is easy

Letting go is not hard

Excellence becomes a habit

Organizations start caring

Compassionate Capitalism becomes a practice

Every single life is valued


Perhaps, management will be a bliss the day we get there.


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