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Talk Less, Close More

close-more-salesTalking more is ineffective and it often results in loss of sales. You can close more by talking less. Here’s how:

Distinguish yourself from competition – Your aim is to be perceived as different from the competition. You are in deep trouble if prospects find you similar to other sales guys. It’s important to ask questions as a result to appear different and build credibility.

Comprehend your client’s challenges – Customers don’t want to be sold, instead they are looking at getting their problems solved. It’s important to understand their challenges first instead of trying to persuade them to buy your product/service.

Understand their goals and ensure they’re committed to it – It’s important to understand the prospects goals that he wish to achieve with your product/service. Once you do that, make sure that they are committed to their goals. It’s wise to spend your time with customers who are committed to accomplish their goals

Develop a win-win budget – It’s equally important to have money conversations. Most salespeople generally quote a price to their customers which sometimes cost heavily in lost sales. It’s, therefore, suggested to have the customer develop a budget to solve their problems and achieve their goals. This approach helps you determine whether the prospect is qualified for your product/service.

Understand their decision-making process – Many prospects have a lengthy decision – making process. Therefore, it’s important to ask questions about their decision – making process and who else is involved in the same.

Keep it short – Instead of spending most of the time presenting and doing all the talking, it’s wise to spend time following the above steps. Spend time getting to really understand the customer’s challenge and present to him what is exactly necessary to solve his problem and accomplish his goals. You don’t need to present anything else. It is advisable to keep it short.

Following these tricks actually require you to talk less. You will soon realize that you are closing many more deals as a result.

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