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The Salary Survey 2012 – Results & Analysis

The Salary Survey 2012 – Results & Analysis

Your Boss Knows How Much You Earn. And Vice-Versa!

Or at least now you have a fair idea of how much moolah he/she rakes in every year! We’re out with the results of the annual Salary Survey and this 2012 salary survey does throw in a few surprises.

Although 2012 did see better appraisals as compared to 2011 but it was still a surprise to see that 29% of people not getting any amount of appraisal within the last 1 year. Banking & Finance, Sales & Marketing and IT  seemed to be the best sectors to be in with all recording over 11% appraisals as compared to the previous year while HR & Operations folks weren’t too happy with the increase in their paychecks.

Of particular interest was the % appraisals across management levels (Junior, Middle, Senior & CXO) at each sectoral level and we’re sure it’s something that will kick up a huge debate across organizations and coffee tables.

So without further ado, we give you the results of the 2012 Salary Survey!

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