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Breaking a few Myths about the Pro Membership Plan

pro membership

As you’re aware, we launched a paid membership plan for candidates (called the Pro Plan) in July 2013 that offers paid users certain additional benefits when compared to a free member. However, based on certain reservations by candidates, we’d like to break a few myths about our paid membership plan.

  • Firstly, applying to any job on the portal is still FREE and we don’t charge candidates any money for that.
  • ALL applications are sent to the concerned recruiter, irrespective of whether you’re a paid member or not. You DO NOT have to be a paid member to make sure that your application is being sent to the recruiter. We send ALL applications to the recruiters via mail and also populate the same on the recruiter dashboard. Candidates who have bought the Pro plan only get a star icon marked against their application for better visibility.

Pro Member Tick Icon

  • You don’t have to be a paid member to get a job. When you apply, the recruiters get your contact information and resume. They can and they do call candidates who they find suitable for the role.
  • Also, buying the Pro Membership plan does not mean that we will find jobs or follow up with the recruiters on your behalf. Similarly, we don’t guarantee interview calls or jobs because that rests solely in the hands of the hiring manager – we’re simply a platform that helps connect jobseekers and recruiters.
  • The Pro Plan is not a service; it’s a product that offers certain additional benefits to candidates. We’ve purposefully priced it extremely low (currently available for Rs 2000 for a 6 month time period) so that it doesn’t pinch anyone.

We hope this post helps break down a few misconceptions and misgivings. If you still have reservations or additional questions, do feel free to drop me a mail at

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