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The Pro Membership Plan – Detailed FAQ Guide

About 3 months ago, we introduced a paid membership plan for candidates (called the Pro Membership plan) that had additional features and benefits that are not available to free members. As of now, the Pro Plan offers 5 additional features:

We get a lot of mails daily with regards to queries about our Pro Plan so we’ve decided to create this detailed FAQ guide (think of it as a pre-buying checklist) that will help resolve all your doubts.

1. If I upgrade to the Pro Plan, will it help me get a job or an interview call?

Short answer – No

The Pro Plan is not a service that helps find jobs for you or arranges interview calls. All interview/job decisions are taken by the hiring managers of respective companies that post their openings on We are simply a portal that connects jobseekers with recruiters.

In a nutshell, upgrading to the Pro Plan will NOT offer you any of the below services:

  • We don’t find jobs for individual candidates
  • We DO NOT follow up with recruiters on your behalf
  • We don’t guarantee interview calls or job or anything similar.
  • There is no human intervention/support involved

The Pro Plan is an enhanced product that offers you access to a few product features that aren’t available to basic members.

2. If I’m a free member, can I still apply to jobs?

Applying to any job on the portal is still FREE and we don’t charge candidates any money for that.

We don’t offer paid members access to any exclusive jobs. All jobs are visible to both paid and free members.

3. If I’m a free member, will my application still be seen by recruiters?

Yes! ALL applications are sent to the concerned recruiter, irrespective of whether you’re a paid member or not. You DO NOT have to be a paid member to make sure that your application is being sent to the recruiter.

We send ALL applications to the recruiters via mail and also populate the same on the recruiter dashboard.

You don’t have to be a paid member to get a job. When you apply, the recruiters get your contact information and resume. They can and they do call candidates who they find suitable for the role.

4. I upgraded to the Pro Plan by mistake, thinking it will help me land a job. Can I get a refund?

If you upgraded to the Pro Plan by mistake, please drop us a mail at and we’ll offer you a full refund; no questions asked.

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