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Recruiter email address no longer visible?

A few jobseekers were quick to notice that has recently started omitting email addresses of recruiters from job postings. We took this decision not to publish email ids anymore (unless specially requested by the recruiter) because there were a lot of issues involved with mentioning the same on job postings.

For transparency purpose, below are the main reasons why our team took this important decision. We hope you understand our point of view.

1. Streamlining the Applicant Flow:

First and foremost is because we wanted to streamline the entire applicant flow right from applying to getting a feedback. On an average, a popular posting receives more than 500 applications and it’s extremely difficult for recruiters to manage this over email.

In some cases, deserving candidates lose out because somehow their application gets missed in the avalanche of emails.

To avoid the above scenario and to manage the entire applicant flow smoothly, we’ve built a great tool for recruiters and we want them to use it as much as possible (Click here to see how the recruiter dashboard looks like).  Not only does this ensure that all applications are present at a single place, it’s much easier for recruiters to go through the lot and take action immediately. This ensures that applicants receive a feedback via status change messages.

2. Preventing Fraud and Abuse of the Platform:

Another important reason for us removing the email address of recruiters from job postings was because it helps us prevent fraud and abuse of the platform.

In a few cases, we’ve noticed some headhunters who pitch their own services to organizations who post jobs on the site. Apart from this, a few of our competitors (other job portals) use that data to send unwanted spam/promotional messages to these recruiters.

Omitting email addresses helps us tackle this problem in an effective manner since every resume/contact information is now downloaded/viewed via the system which means that we can track usage parameters from our end and curb this sort of activity.

3. Refining the Platform and User Experience:

Since now almost all applications are made via the platform and recruiters, too, use the recruiter dashboard effectively, this helps generate additional data points that we can use to further improve and refine the overall platform.

This gives us additional insights into recruiter/candidate activity patterns and will help us identify further areas where the platform can be improved.

4. Including Recruiter Name/Profile Photo/Company/LinkedIn Profile

We’ve also now started including additional Recruiter details within each job posting. Now you can see in-depth recruiter profiles including the company he/she works for along with their profile photo and LinkedIn profile (if added by the recruiter)

We’ve also started mentioning the “Last Login” date for every recruiter so you know when was the last time the person was active on the platform.

Untitled picture

Untitled picture2

Moreover, finding the contact details of recruiters is not very difficult. A quick Google search will often throw up the desired result.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on the same. Do drop in a line to


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