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Jobfeed – What does it mean?


Have you ever tried clicking the “Personalize” icon on our site? Go ahead, try it out.

It helps you create a Jobfeed which you can then use to personalize your search for relevant jobs based on the keywords/tags you are following.

Think of it as a personal job search engine in which you can also apply filters for location and years of experience to help you narrow down to that perfect job.

How to set up Jobfeed?

At the very top right hand side of our site, click on “Personalize”. Please see the below screenshot for illustration.


Click on the category below to select your keywords. You can unfollow a keyword at any time by clicking the cross above the name of the keyword. Follow the next snapshot. Once you select the keywords, don’t forget to click “Done”. Once you are done, you will be asked to “Save” your Jobfeed permanently by either signing in or signing up.


Once you’ve hit the Save button and logged into your account, this is how your Jobfeed will look like (depending on the keywords you’ve followed).

Advantages of Setting up a Jobfeed:

Ever wondered why you should set up your Jobfeed? The incentives are two-fold.

First and foremost, you get an access to targeted positions (the relevant jobs that you are targeting) based on the keywords you’ve selected.

Also, the jobfeed is updated daily. Once set up, you”ll get a daily mail containing only those jobs that match the keywords/tags you’ve followed.

Now, with our new mobile app, accessing your Jobfeed is just a click away. Plus, there’s a push notification feature that is sent daily informing you of new jobs.

There are over 100,000 candidates on who’re using the Jobfeed feature daily and on an average, every candidate is following 14 tags. So if you still haven’t created your jobfeed yet, now’s the time to utilize this great feature!

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