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9 Creative Recruitment Ads that Rock!

Recruitment is a fairly boring industry but there are some organizations (and ad agencies) that do come out with some great creative recruitment adverts to bring a smile to your job search. We’ve curated 9 of the best creative recruitment ads that ooze style, subtlety and class.

1. Life’s too Short for the Wrong Job

This one’s by a German recruitment agency called Jobs in Town and used everyday perspectives to creatively highlight the feeling of being stuck in the wrong job. Definitely eye-catching!

Creative Recruitment Ads



2. Ladies and Gentlemen, Dracula’s Thirsty

An imaging and captioning agency came out with this one to appeal to all the creative people out there.


3. Who said Driving a School Bus is no fun?

A great inspiring campaign that targeted potential school bus drivers and tried to capture the funny perks in the job.


4. Marico and Uncommon Sense

One of the few great recruitment ads by an Indian organization and Marico go it spot on with this one. Targeted at would be managers, this one conveys how your career will literally grow along with the company.

Marico Creative Recruitment Ad

5. McDonald’s – We Hire Individuals!

This might seem offensive at first glance but McDonald’s actually managed to pull this off with aplomb. One needs to read the fine print to get the gist that race and ethnicity has nothing to do with their hiring policy.

McDonald's Ads

6. Can you Sell Air?

This one’s for all the Media and Ad sales people. 104.1 FM came up with this great recruitment ad in the Middle East. The question piques your curiosity and you’ll surely smile once you realize the meaning behind the question.


7. Is that an Apple? Not Anymore!

The inspiration from this came from Apple’s logo and is targeted towards all designers. Some might call it cheeky or misleading but it sure drives the point home.


8. How much Salary does a CEO, 000, 000 Earn

An Australian recruitment agency called The Big Chair (now closed) that featured CXO level jobs came up with this brilliant recruitment advertisement. So how big is your chair?




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9. GAP and Holiday Hiring

Sometimes, you need to be in tune with external factors and devise your campaign around them. GAP UK did just that in an effort to hire extra employees before the holiday shopping season. Talk about “Right timing for the Right job”


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