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Follow-up Option for Pro Members

As a candidate, there are times when I feel I’m a good fit for a job but despite applying, I don’t receive any sort of feedback (ie: no status change on my application). And sometimes, I’m so confident of my candidature that it would be great to have my application highlighted in front of the recruiter.

Keeping the above scenario in mind and listening to the feedback of a lot of job-seekers, we’ve launched a new feature for our Pro Members called the “Follow-up” and wanted to use this post to explain how it works and its benefits.

As the name suggests, you’re essentially following up against an already applied job and is useful in those cases where you felt you were a good fit for the position but the recruiter did not take any action on your application (i.e.: no status change of your application)

How It Works:

  • You want to now use the “follow up” option on this particular job posting because you think you were a good fit and maybe, the recruiter has overlooked your application.
  • You can click on the Follow-up button either from your “Applied Jobs” page or directly from the posting.



Applied Jobs

Highlighted_Follow up

  • We also generate a floating widget with your details as soon as the recruiter logs into his/her account. All in all, it’s pretty hard to miss!

Follow up Widget

Important Points:

  • This feature will only be available to Pro Members on (not available on our app and mobile site)
  • Every Pro member receives one Follow-up every week – credited directly into your account.
  • You can “follow up” against a job only once
  • Follow up applications that don’t elicit a status change from the recruiter WILL NOT BE re-credited back into your account. There’s only so much we can do from our end.
  • However, follow-ups that are not used during a month will be carried forward to the next month.
  • If your Pro Membership has expired and you still have unused follow-ups remaining in your account, they will be re-credited back into your account once you renew your Pro Membership.
  • There is no manual intervention from our end – our team will not manually follow-up with the recruiter on your behalf.

Did you find this feature useful? Drop us a mail at along with your feedback.

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