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Rockstar Recruiters on – January 2015

And we are back with yet another list of the top recruiters for the month that went by. With the holidays behind us and the New Year looming ahead, a lot of companies are hiring. Recruiters have been busy posting awesome jobs and taking action on a number of applications received.

While every recruiter is different, all these Rockstar recruiters have one thing in common- the innate ability to evaluate people and business situations to put the right person in the right role. They look beyond years of experience or educational requirements and dive deep into what qualities and experiences a candidate possesses that would help them excel in any given role.

Here’s a brief snapshot of all the recruiters who made it to this elite segment in January. Take a look and get to know your recruiters better.

1.) Shikhar Sood– GE

shikhar soodShikhar is a Talent Recruitment Manager at GE, a diversified technology and financial services company serving customers in more than 100 countries. The products and services of the company range from aircraft engines, power generation, water processing, and household appliances to medical imaging, business and consumer financing and industrial products.

A senior HR leader with a lot of experience in hiring high performance individuals, Shikhar posted a total of 3 jobs in the month of January and is hiring for various HR roles.

Popular positions posted-

GE – Human Resources Leadership Program (2-7 yrs)

GE – HR Business Partner – STO India (12-15 yrs)

GE – Employee Human Resources Manager (3-9 yrs)

2.) Vishrut Chalsani– Akosha

vishrut chalsani akoshaVishrut is VP-Key Account Management at Akosha, an online consumer complaint forum that is helping Indian consumers and brands in getting consumer complaints resolved.

Vishrut is one of the most active hiring managers on and was also featured as a Rockstar Recruiter in May 2014. He posted 2 exciting jobs last month and is hiring for Social Media & Talent Acquisition roles.

Popular positions posted- 

Akosha – Social Media Producer (1-4 yrs)

Akosha – Assistant Manager/Manager/Sr Manager – Enterprise Sales (1-8 yrs)

3.) Rohan Diwan– Quicklie

rohan diwan quicklieRohan is a co-founder at Quicklie, which is aimed at disrupting the way India shops for daily utilities and groceries. They believe in a simple ideology of delivering daily utilities and groceries to customers and payments to their partners as quickly as possible.

In January, Rohan posted one interesting position for the role of a Digital Strategist. With over 260+ applications, he was quite picky about the candidate profiles and ended up rejecting 213 applications before finally honing in on the right fit candidate. Check his job report below.job report quicklie

4.)   Wilma Dsouza– Myntra

wilma dsouza myntraWilma is a senior recruiter at, one of the largest retailer of lifestyle and fashion products.

Although she posted two jobs last month, she ensured that the job description was pretty exhaustive so as to give the interested candidates a better idea before applying to these positions.

Popular positions posted- – Manager – Payroll & Compliance (5-8 yrs) – AM/Manager – HR Business Partner (2-6 yrs) – Manager – HR – On-boarding & Record Management (5-8 yrs)

5.) Rahul Sinha- Worxogo

rahul wokxogoRahul is a Director at worxogo, which helps unlock utmost potential of enterprises with sustainable business gamification solutions.

Rahul was hiring for a Business Consultant position last month. Out of the 504 applications received, he finally found the right candidate after going through all the profiles received (This position has been unpublished).

worxogo- Business Consultant (1-4 yrs)

6.) Shubha Joseph– Flipkart

shubha joseph flipkartShubha is a recruiter at Flipkart and is responsible for leadership hiring.

She was quite active in January and posted a total of 4 positions all based out of Bangalore. With over 3800 applications received for all four positions, she took time out to take action on most of the candidate profiles. Check out the job report for the position of-

Flipkart – Director – 3rd Party Logistics Marketplace (10-14 yrs)job report flipkart

Popular positions posted-

Flipkart – Senior Manager – Relationship Management (4-8 yrs)

Flipkart – Assistant Manager – Business Development (2-6 yrs)

Flipkart – Senior Manager – Seller Marketing (3-6 yrs)

7.) Shubha Mishra– Microland

microlandShubha is an Associate Director (HR) at Microland, a hybrid IT infrastructure services provider headquartered in Bangalore.

She is responsible for hiring for a wide range of positions ranging from Sales to Information Security. She posted 4 diverse positions last month and evaluated all the applications, which makes her one of the top recruiters of January.

Popular positions posted-

Microland – Manager/Sr Manager/AD – Human Resources – IIM/XLRI/TISS (5-13 yrs)

Microland – Manager – Marketing – Service Line Manager (5-10 yrs)

Microland – Head – Marketing Communications (10-12 yrs)

Microland – Manager – Sales – IT Infra Managed Services (8-12 yrs)

 8.) Saurabh Jain– Wodehouse Capital Advisors

saurabh jain wodehouse capitalSaurabh is an AVP at Wodehouse Capital Advisors, a boutique multi-family office with investment banking and strategic consulting capabilities. Saurabh handles the corporate finance practice advising clients on fundraising & investment opportunities across sectors.

Although he posted two positions last month, he is one of our Rockstar recruiters of January because he took out time from his busy schedule to go through all the applications received to find the perfect candidate for these positions (The positions have now been unpublished).

Wodehouse Capital – Associate/Manager – Investment Banking/Management (0-4 yrs)

Wodehouse Capital – Associate/Manager – Investment Banking/Management (1-3 yrs)

 9.) Srivatsan Chari– Cleartax

srvatsan chari cleartaxSrivatsan is VP- Business operations at Cleartax, an e-filing website used by people to e-file their Income Tax Returns online every year.

He posted 6 positions and was one of the most active recruiters on our platform last month. All the postings had well defined job descriptions and he was active enough to take action on most of the applications received.

Popular positions posted- 

ClearTax – Senior Recruiter (1-4 yrs)

ClearTax – Head – Sales (4-10 yrs)

ClearTax – Direct Taxes Expert – CA (0-6 yrs)

 10.) Lavanya Basavaraju– Unilever

lavanya unileverLavanya is a recruitment executive at Unilever with in depth experience in end-to-end IT recruitment.

She posted 5 important positions last month and has been an active recruiter on the site.

Popular positions posted- 

Unilever – Process & Technology Manager – Management Accounting – COPA (8-12 yrs)

Unilever – Manager – Plan (8-12 yrs)

Unilever – Procurement Delivery Manager – IIT/NIT/BITS/IIM (4-10 yrs)

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