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How to maintain a healthy workforce for your business

In today’s fast-paced and target-oriented work culture, employees have very little options when it comes to maintaining a healthy balance between work and personal life. In making sure they are always at their best during work hours, they tend to wear themselves out much faster, which ultimately affects their longevity and productivity. Business Leaders do need to take stock of this scenario as it is their responsibility to maintain the best interests of their business and its employees as well. Listed below are some steps which, if incorporated into a daily routine can lead to significant benefits in an employee’s work potential.

Fitness – a habit which needs to be inculcated!

Activities as simple as stretching can also do the trick

When it comes to success, there is no substitute for hard work. But hard work is possible only when the employees are absolutely fit to perform the tasks required of them. Ensuring every employee is in a habit of looking after their own health and well-being; offer them an on-site gym that they can use at any time. If that’s not possible, a tie-up with a fitness centre or a certified fitness instructor to promote the habit of staying fit among your employees can lead to noticeable changes. Encourage employees to follow a work schedule and discourage any after-hours work. Let them take regulated naps in the office so that they can refresh themselves and work with a clear mind.

Incorporate natural lighting

Natural light makes an office more organic to work in

Increase the use of natural light within the office space. Our bodies are used to the daylight cycle by default. Any disruption in that cycle can result in inadequate rest for your employees, the results of which can prove to be quite unfruitful for business. If the location of your office space does not allow adequate natural light, then consult with a specialist to design artificial lighting that imitates natural light cycle indoors.

Sedentary = Desultory

Chronic back pain – one of the many demerits of a sedentary lifestyle

If your employees are sitting for too long at their desks, then they’re not being productive enough. An excessively sedentary lifestyle is extremely harmful and can result in a number of lifestyle diseases over time. Add a few standing workstations around the office that your employees can use. Conduct your team meetings in the office lawns or at a place where everyone can stand and move around, just so that no one remains seated throughout the day.

Healthier snacking options

None of us are strangers to the benefits of  healthy snacking

Switch the snacks in your office vending machines with healthier options like fruits, vegetable salads, low-fat milk, fresh juices etc. and do away with things like potato chips and sandwiches as much as possible. Encourage your employees to try out these options instead of going out for unhealthy snacking options, and never allow any food at their desks. The less they are distracted with work while eating, the better it will be for their health.

No emails after work hours!

Excess time spent on gadgets can lead to indirect damages

Institute a firm “no emails after work hours” policy. Allow your employees to switch off their phones and laptops so that they can relax and spend some time with people instead. It may seem like unproductive time at first, but over a period of time, this move will start showing results as employees begin to focus on their work better during the day and demonstrate a marked improvement in their productivity.

To conclude

Health is not limited to physical fitness alone but also covers the mental and financial health of the employees. The less healthy your employees are, the more sick leaves they take, and that will ultimately reflect on the company’s results as well as their own incentives package. An average employee may spend up to 50 hours a week in the office, but how many of those are hours are actually productive and not harmful to their health? At the end of the day, keeping the business targets and deadlines aside, no business can be self-sustainable unless it has a healthy workforce.


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