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“A good marketer can be someone who is ready to unlearn and learn quickly, as the environment we live in is dynamic and changes rapidly”, says Manoj Jain, VP – Marketing, Loyalty and Visual Merchandising at HyperCITY Retail India Ltd.

In conversation with Mr. Manoj Jain, VP – Marketing, Loyalty and Visual Merchandising @ HyperCITY Retail India Ltd.

Give us a snapshot of your professional & academic background. What responsibilities does your designation entail?

Manoj Jain-2At present, I am the Vice President of Marketing, Loyalty and Visual Merchandising at HyperCITY Retail India Limited.

While I possess extensive experience spanning over 15 years across India, I have a deep understanding of the unique marketing nuances of each region and state in the country, having worked with esteemed firms such as RIL, Future Group, TCL and Alcatel Mobiles India. 

While my expertise lies in Brand Management, Marketing, New product launches, Trade Hyp - 1& Consumer Promotions and Media Planning, I also bring on board my varied experience in Lifestyle, Value & E-Commerce formats as well, thanks to my past association with brands such as Big Bazaar, E-Zone and

What according to you makes a good marketer?

I think someone who is ready to unlearn and learn quickly, as the environment we live in is dynamic and changing by the day. This I feel is one skill which is needed in order to be a good marketer.


Some of the many events and campaigns done by HyperCITY Retail

What is the best marketing move you have initiated in your career so far?

Well I believe it is yet to come, as I have a decently long career ahead of me! (Laughs) But if I look at my stint at Future Group, I had learned a lot while working there, thus the experience was very good.

Name a well marketed product in any industry that caught your attention recently? Any marketing campaign which you felt was well executed?

Advertisements by Amazon India are the ones I really like. They are very topical with respect to why one shops online.

A Meet & Greet session with RJ Naved @ HyperCITY, Janakpuri

What role, according to you, does marketing play in the success of a product?

Marketing plays a very important role for the success of any product. Right from the selection of markets to understand the needs and demands of customers to communicating the benefits of the products – it is done via marketing.

What does a day of yours at office look like?

My day comprises of plenty of meetings, discussions on Way Forward Strategies & completion of the current work in the pipeline.

Can you tell us about some of the marketing strategies which set HyperCITY Retail apart from its competitors?

We believe in offering our customers ‘something fresh everyday’ across the domains of Food, Home & Fashion. Whenever any customer visits our store, he/she will always see a new launch or a new product which is not available anywhere else. We have created campaigns which no one else has, such as the ‘Hyper Budding Chef’. With a campaign like this, our aim is to empower home chefs to become food entrepreneurs.


What drove you to choose a career in marketing? What motivates you to go to work every day?

The prospect of travelling across the country and learning different cultures has always been very enticing for me. Thus, to do this for a living is simply amazing. What motivates me to go to work daily is my able and exceptional team!

Rapid Fire

Describe working at HyperCITY Retail in one sentence:

Something fresh every day!

Your hobbies/interests?

Music and movies

If not in the current profession, you would have been?

A Restaurateur

A Favourite or most relatable movie character, and why?



Iron Man – for his suave nature and sheer intelligence 🙂

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