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Thank You Emails/Notes and Why They’re Your Best Friends

Some might wonder what is the use of sending a thank you email after being rejected a job offer. You may even think that once you give your interviews, your job is done. Hold up! There’s one vital thing that you are forgetting.

Have you thanked your interviewer? There is no doubt that when someone thanks you, you feel recognized and it simply makes your day. It’s one of those little things. The same logic can, and should, be applied in a job interview.

So you didn’t get the job for which you put in a lot of effort; it might have even been your dream job but writing a Thank you email/note to your employer is simply the right thing to do. More importantly it does the one thing that we all aim for during the interview process- to be remembered.

Rejection is not the end..

People Matters published a recent study undertaken by Accountemps, which dwelled the power of simple ‘Thank you emails/notes’. According to the study, nearly 80% of HR Managers said that a follow-up thank you note from applicants can make a huge impact. It is sometimes taken into account while making a final call about hiring them.

This is true to some extent because there are instances when managers themselves are unsure about their selection of candidates. This happens when there is tough competition for a job or when all candidates are equally competent. In such cases, a job rejection is not the end and there is still a way to grab that job.

A thank you email as a follow up is incredibly valuable when done right. At times it changes your recruiter’s decision because when you send a thank you note to the manager or recruiter acknowledging their time and interest in you, you are making a lasting good impression. This shows good ethics, professionalism, enthusiasm in the job and attention to detail. Even if you do not get that job, the recruiter will remember you and you will be the first person that comes to their mind when there’s a new opening or for a reference.

Opportunity to Build A Network

Many of us complain about the competition being tough and how difficult it is to get a job. No doubt it is, but this is all the more reason making yourself stand out becomes important. Under the stress of succeeding in a competitive and global world we forget that the small gestures are the ones that can make a huge difference. The truth is that in today’s seemingly impersonal world, employers are looking for the personal touch.

A thank you email/note may not at times help you get that job but it is extremely useful in building strong networks with employers and building professional relationships. You might be rejected from two or even three jobs but if you maintain a strong professional relationship with your employers, they will do your work in getting you a job. That is the power of saying thank you.

The recruitment process, contrary to what most believe, is a tedious process. Managers and recruiters spend so much time in searching and selecting candidates and it is only civil to recognize their efforts and win them over.

How to Write an Impactful Thank You Email/ Note

  1. A thank you email/note has a sense of immediacy. It has to be sent as soon as you hear from your employer. This builds impact and this is when the recruiter’s impression of you is still fresh. Ideally a note has to be sent within 24 hours.
  1. The content is of course what matters most. The mail/note has to be short and crisp and yet it should contain the information that’s most relevant. Start by thanking the recruiter for his/her time and the opportunity that was given to you. You could also mention a positive instance from the interview that will make the recruiter remember you immediately and give a second thought. In case you feel you left out a very important aspect during the interview, you can also include it in the mail/note. Finally ensure that the note does not go beyond 6-7 lines.
  1. Customise the thank you action as much as possible to add value. Try and include only that information which is specific to your interview. This way you stand out to the recruiter. Also ensure that the mail is completely rid of any grammatical errors.

A thank you mail is not going to cost you anything. Rather it will only add to your value. It should be sent after attending an interview. However in this case, you shouldn’t stress too much on hearing back from them. It should also be sent after being rejected a job offer as a sign of appreciation and professionalism. Because you never know it can help you earn that second chance that you wished for!

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