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Life of a full-time job seeker

Being a full-time job seeker is a tough job. Having to be constantly on the prowl for job openings, file in a slew of applications and attend an endless succession of interviews is nerve wracking. After all the painstaking effort, being turned down can be devastating. It can surely deal a strong blow to one’s sense of self worth. Here’s are some of the highlights and habits you’re likely to come across in the life of those pursuing their dream career:

1. Never give up

Don’t give up until your problems give away.

  • You might feel tempted to give up and drop out, but know the hopelessness you feel often results from vastly inflated self-doubt and has nothing to do with objective reality.
  • Paddle like hell. Everything you learn and every skill you acquire makes a difference to your chances. You might not see it now or it might not seem significant today but the changes add up over time and one day, very soon, you’ll find all your efforts paying off in a way that you had probably never imagined.
  • Stay the course. Don’t become disheartened. If you find yourself diffident and distracted, networking with inspiring people or groups might help. Know it’s just human to lose focus under duress and don’t blame or hate yourself for it. The best moment to get back on track is now. Correct course everytime you go astray.

2. Be organised

Keep track of everything.
  • Keep a track of all your applications and the status of pending applications. Closely follow online job portals, dedicated employment newspapers and job offers published in vernaculars.
  • Preserve thank you notes and letters of recommendation as souvenirs. These might help instil hope when you are feeling down and might also add some value to your future job applications.

3. Learn everyday

Keep growing, keep pushing yourself.

  • Learn something relevant every day–no matter how trivial or trifling. Never stop growing, never stop pushing yourself. Find some time, no matter how busy your schedule, to expose yourself to something new everyday.
  • You can access online resources like videos, articles and forums or just settle with a good old textbook. Learn work skills while also setting aside time for non-fiction books and fiction that nurture your personality growth.
  • Enrol in a distance education course or a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) if it’d help your job prospects.
  • You can also volunteer to work under someone to acquire skills or intern with organisations.

4. Get a part time gig

A part time job will hold you in good stead.
  • You can find a range of part time jobs depending on your skills. For example, if you can code or write content, you can freelance online. Even if you have no special skills, you can find work in malls, restaurants etc.
  • Apart from helping you become independent, a job also boosts your sense of self worth immensely and helps you stay level headed and composed.
  • You can also save up money for any contingency plans that you might have. The savings can give you a sense of security and reassurance when you are going through tough times.

6. Socialise

A strong support network is indispensable. Find one for you.
  • Try to spend quality time with family and friends.
  • You may be overwhelmed at times by the daunting challenges ahead. It’s possible you perceive that you’re being judged you or looked down upon.
  • At moments like these, rather than withdrawing from people or retreating into a shell, share how you feel with family, friends or support groups. It might just be what you need to feel better and keep going on.

7. Develop a positive attitude

Go out and breathe in the fresh air.
  • Realise your perception of something isn’t objective reality
  • Cut off negative thoughts as soon as you become aware of them. Don’t let the thoughts grow on you. Make it a practice to look out for and identify negative thoughts early on before they overwhelm you.
  • Go out on walks or to recreational sites where you can relax and enjoy natural scenery. Nature has a calming and soothing effect on you.

Above all, don’t be too critical of yourself. Know that being successful has to do with how you interpret your achievements in life. Also know that luck plays a part too. Play the hand you’ve been dealt to the best of your ability and be content with the outcome. If not today, you are sure to win some other day when hard work and luck come together to work in your favour. Await the day patiently, you’re on the right course.


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