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How to praise yourself in an interview without actually praising yourself?

It’s a tough world out there for job seekers. How do you make yourself stand-out? That is a question that every new (and veteran) job seeker grapples with. Self confidence is obviously necessary. However, it’s a tough line to walk between confidence and over confidence.

Apart from praising oneself, you shouldn’t ever badmouth other candidates. Negativity and negative vibes are best avoided in interviews (if not anywhere else). Apart from tech expertise, recruiters are also looking for logical and analytical skills in a candidate, along with ethics of course.

Giving an interview is a delicate balance of talking about yourself without boasting about your achievements, but at the same time showing that you have the skills and expertise to excel at the job.

Here are some ways in which you can disguise your self-praise as a way of explaining your skills:

#1 – Exhibit Experience

When you’re asked a question, try explaining it with examples from your life. Interviewers often ask argumentative and tough questions to see how you handle high-pressure situations. These types of questions can be an opportunity for you to shine – provided you think fast on your feet and give a genuine and relevant example from real life.

#2 – Be Practical

Try to explain how you would apply theoretical concepts practically. Interviewers don’t want an employee who knows textbooks. They’re looking for someone who can process complex information and provide simple solutions.

#3 – Introduce yourself well

With your introduction, tell them about your learning capabilities with suitable examples from past experience. Every job or volunteer work teaches you something that you can take to your workplace – be it leadership experience, organizational skills, time management or even public speaking. Such introductions help show your capabilities without having to add any fluff.

#4 – Advertise Your Relevance

Show them that you can solve some of their problems really well. If you’re a financial analyst, you could discuss the economy and show you have the subject expertise. Also mention why you like being a financial analyst. Recruiters look for motivated individuals who enjoy the work that they will be hired to do.

#5 – Mention Your Achievements

Remember to always tell them about your accomplishments to establish credibility. Got a “best intern award” during your internship? Got a top performance recognition? Let them know. This will add to the recruiter’s confidence when choosing to hiring you, and work far better than general statements such as ‘I work very hard’.

#6 – Reveal the real ‘you’

Explain to the interviewer your values and beliefs. The interviewer needs to be sure that your values and beliefs do not contradict with those of the company.

#7 – Never bluff

Let the facts do the talking. Don’t try to project yourself as a person you aren’t. If you’re hired, you don’t want to be keeping the lie alive the entire time! And obviously – this makes you a fraud.

It’s actually quite easy to praise yourself in an interview without actually praising yourself – as long facts, and real experiences are discussed instead of sweeping vague statements that do not really reveal anything. Aside from a bigger impact on your chances, this also ensures a “stress-free” interview!

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