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10 ways to turn an internship into a full-time job


Are you an intern? Or, do you think you would be interning sometime soon? If your answer is yes, read on to know what you should do to turn your internship into an offer for a full time job. I’ve scoured the internet to present to you the top 10 ways of turning your internship into a job. Here we go:

1. Search the internet for the perfect internship

  • If I were to intern, here’s what I’d do – Jot down what I want out of the internship – the skills I’d want to acquire, the roles I’d like to perform, the challenges I’d love to take on, and try to find internships that promise these things.
  • And then, after narrowing down my search to a couple of names, I could call up some people who’ve worked there, former interns, or find just about anyone who’d know a thing or two to verify if the company’s claims are indeed true.
  • Finally, it’s application time. There are internships one can apply for online. But if applications are to be sent by mail, apply as for any other job. Send in your resume with a cover letter and await response.

2. Make an impression at your workplace

  • Okay, it’s day one on the job and I’m absolutely new to everything. Though, it doesn’t hurt to dress up for the role and act like an employee. Besides, I’ll be more readily accepted by employees and seniors at the company.
  • Keep this in mind – Greet everyone you meet wherever you see them. Try to be friendly with everyone you come across. An intern needs all the connections one can get.

3. Learn at the workplace

  • Here’s another word to the wise – Don’t ever hesitate to clear your doubts. If I were a manager, I’d like interns who are eager to learn more and perform well.
  • Supervisors are more than glad to let interns attend workshops/seminars hosted by the company. One need just ask.

4. Do your job well

  • More often than not, companies view internships as an opportunity to evaluate potential candidates for a full time job. This is what it means – I’ll be considered for a full time job if my co-workers are impressed with my work.
  • Finish work before time. Get help if you need it.
  • Putting myself in the shoes of my supervisor, I’d definitely like an intern who does work in time and exceeds expectations over one who doesn’t.

5. Take on all assignments

  • This includes even the menial jobs. Yeah, I know it isn’t interesting and interns aren’t meant to be fetching coffee or running errands. But, also remember, such tasks are a part of most jobs.
  • If it takes up a lot of my time though, you could ask my supervisor to give me bigger responsibilities. Never complain about your work! You are an intern.
  • Seek out challenges and solve problems. Improve the company’s bottomline.

6. Network

  • As an intern, make the best of the opportunity to forge friendships with seniors and industry experts.
  • These professional relations are meant to last a lifetime. It doesn’t take much effort to email your contacts every once in while. So, keep in touch even after the internship is over. Your contacts can notify you about positions, refer you for positions or just drop in a good recommendation about you.

7. Get feedback

  • Ask supervisors for feedback on performance.
  • The feedback is important to correct your course and build your expertise. Listening to those who know more than you helps you become more competent.

8. Attend all events

  • Attend all events open to interns. Network and widen your professional network.

9. Volunteer

  • Volunteer in your company’s social/community initiatives and other in-company events.

10. Apply for a full time job

  • Let your supervisor know you’re interested in a full time job.
  • Even if no positions are open, filing an application makes it likely the company will consider you later while hiring.

Ultimately, even if you don’t land a job, don’t worry. You’ve gained skills and experience and you can explore the job market and apply for some great jobs online at sites like

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