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Leading your marketing team into the digital age


In order for any business to be even remotely successful, it needs a marketing strategy. With the onset of the digital era, marketing continues to be evolving into newer realms. There existed a time when marketing resonated with printing ads in newspapers, distributing flyers and running the advertisements on television. However, now opportunities have expanded, and so has the target audience. Most business’ have adopted digital marketing strategies to stay in the race. However this does not mean completely ignoring the traditional marketing schemes. A combination of both digital and traditional schemes often show the best results.

Traditional Marketing vs Digital Marketing

Traditional marketing techniques have taken a backseat when it comes to comparison with digital marketing. However, that doesn’t mean we need to completely brush them away. Real marketers combine the aesthetics of traditional marketing with the accuracy of digital marketing techniques to create unique campaigns that target every possible consumer.

While the style and feel may still be traditional, digital techniques are used mainly to get real time results and evaluations, which allow the content to be changed immediately. The ability and know-how to shift from the traditional to digital age defines marketing leaders and makes them forces to be reckoned with.

A classic example of a advertisement that attained success through Digital means

How to change the mindset in your organization regarding marketing

The shift in mindset from traditional to digital is a simple matter of culture shift. In general we will see the younger generation coming out more in favour of digital techniques of marketing because this generation has grown up in and around technology. To enable this culture shift, there is a need strong leaders who can connect with gen-Y and millennials alike. Another concept people need to understand is that data speaks volumes. The analytics of any marketing campaign can tell us a lot more than we can imagine, and it is completely up to us to make use of the data we receive.

As the famous statistician and professor W Edwards Deming said: “In God we trust. All others must bring data”

Content and marketing go hand in hand

Content is an integral part of any marketer’s toolkit. It can spark an emotion or bring in a sense of Deja Vu that tends to hold onto or bring the customer back. Content that strikes an emotional chord with customers and induces some reactions is always successsful.

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Content drives brands forward. It can engage people, which obviously results in your business getting more recognition (or getting it trending, as they call it now). Good content can result in good customer relation, showcase expertise, and it is the the most cost-effective way to get more clients.

Catchy content can go a long way

Setting up the right marketing team

As with any other domain, having the right team is key when you’re marketing as well. The marketing team is responsible for the growth and publicity of your brand, and hence is probably the most important team for any company. In this age where perceptions matter so much, your company is only as good as others think it is. Every marketing team has a few essential key positions. The most important one is the editor. We have already established that content and marketing are almost synonymous to each other. The editor has a very strong influence when it comes to portraying your company. You also need a Optimization manager who takes care that all the strategic combinations increase the revenue and number of clients. And of course, an enthusiastic team which always looks forward to growth is essential. If as a company, you aren’t looking to grow, do you have much to look forward to?

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The key is to keep innovating, whether your idea fail or succeed. If they fail, you have something to learn from, and if they succeed, you can build upon them. The horizons of marketing have expanded so much and the average consumer today is also very aware. This has made marketing a very challenging job and yet, most people would say, with all the tools, technology and mindset, 2018 is the best time to be a marketer.


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