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Hiring trends to look out for in the 2018 fiscal year


If changing (or finding) a job was a concern for you in 2017, you’d be happy to know that 2018 has far more positive indicators for you. Employment growth is expected to rise this year. But while the good times start rolling in, it’d be wise to not watch from the sidelines. Instead, keep an eye out for emerging trends that help you board the job train faster. According to India Skills Report 2018, there’s a 10-15% increase in hiring intent compared to last year. With elections approaching in 2019, the political agenda would also assist in generating jobs in economy.

At as a hiring platform, we track trending jobs in the market and make this information available to you, so that you can deal better with the opportunities (and challenges) coming your way. If you’re looking to reinvigorate your career this year, here’s what you should keep in mind:

Valuable job skills 2018

The Indian IT sector has created a plethora of jobs in the economy in the past  decade. The innovation in the sector is adaptable to creating a whole new spectrum of jobs. IT technicians are also more in demand in non-IT firms, due to the continually ongoing digitization processes, with every company forming its own digital database. A person with relevant technical skills has multiple avenues to select jobs in this changing dynamics.
FinTech companies are expected to be among the major hirers this year, due to major funding changing their dynamics. Venture capitalists are bullish on investing in FinTech, HealthTech and Logistics, which should create an additional demand for IT skilled labours.

Some heavy investment is also being channeled into the energy sector, where commercializing solar energy has gained attention. The sector has potential to create a number of new jobs. Looking into the rising demand, the following jobs positions will be keeping an eye out for talent in 2018:

  1. Database Developers that can design services for Fintech and ecommerce startups
  2. Analytics experts in almost every field
  3. Data Scientists
  4. System Engineers and Technicians
  5. Artificial Intelligence Experts

Jobs that may go out of demand in 2018

Automation is about to throw out many jobs this year with technology entering almost every sector (although, to be fair, there are a few myths that need to busted). Companies are looking at automating manual work, and developing artificial intelligence in machines which can have potential to replace process based jobs. In India, some banking sector jobs have shrunk due to automation of payment system. IT sector hiring have also slowed down mainly due to cloud computing, which requires less manpower according to a livemint report. With reference to Forbes, the 20 most threatened jobs are postal service mail sorters, carriers and clerks, word processors and typists, agricultural farmers,data entry and manufacturing jobs.  

This is going to be detrimental to many people if they don’t remain upskilled.

There are huge transitions happening in the corporate sector, in whose context you should organise your job search:

#1 – Access online job portals regularly

To closely follow the job market for the opportunities that best suit you, it is important that you visit the portals regularly. Watch requirement trends from an employer’s end, which should give you an idea about the skills rising in demand, the types of employers, packages etc

#2 – Highlight your special skills

Emphasize on your special skills in your resume to get shortlisted in the employer’s list. Thousands of jobseekers are approaching employers daily, while employers no longer are interested in generalised skills. They are looking for something that is indispensable and cannot be ‘automated away’ to help their organization. If you pack such skillsets, you should make it to their eye by highlighting them in your resume.

#3 – Build an effective social media presence

Employers are adapting multiple methods of hiring to make sure they are betting on right candidate. They now try to judge your personality by looking into your social media presence. Your social media account speaks much more about you then your resume. Be careful about keeping your image clean on social media, especially your LinkedIn profile from where people can make recommendations about you.

These were some of the ways which can make your job search effective and reliable. May you have a solid year in 2018! Meanwhile, keep an eye out on how the hiring trends will change moving into the future, say 2020?

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