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Knowing your Marketing Automation Dashboard

Getting to know what your website visitors want and giving it to them at just the right time to convert them into active clients is the basis of any marketing program. However, this requires a great deal of data collection and analysis, taking up the time of your company’s sales team.

It also demands the time of the marketing team, who would have to focus on capturing visitors’ interest. Getting the leads, nurturing them and slowly converting them into loyal customers. Both teams are thus derailed from their main jobs: selling the product and coming up with innovative marketing strategies. It takes up valuable bandwidth of your organization’s top-notch resources!

There are tools and tech that can help you implement your marketing strategy in a much more efficient way. An automated marketing dashboard is one such solution. It can free up your sales and marketing teams, giving them time to do what they’re meant to rather than the dreary and repetitive job of data collection and lead generation.

What is a marketing automation dashboard?

It’s a reporting tool that calculates marketing analytics, Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and metrics and displays it 24/7, ideally always up-to-date. So when an automated system implements your marketing strategy as a dynamic workflow, this marketing dashboard records every lead generated and everything to do with it. It’s a way to keep a constant and accurate watch on your performance with none of the hassle or potential errors that come with manual data collection and reporting.

Why is it so important?

Performance analysis is the one key factor that shows which areas in a marketing strategy need improvement. It tells us how well our product is doing, and a detailed analysis shows us the touch points where you can enhance your strategy.

Marketing automation may be the perfect way to save time while still ensuring lead generation. Manual performance analysis may be detailed, but it is extremely time-consuming and can get messy. A marketing automation dashboard makes it easy to sit back and let the computer do its job. It gives a constant, up-to-date stream of data and analytics, saving all the trouble and extra manpower necessary to make and analyse excel spreadsheets all day.

Uses of knowing your way around a dashboard

It’s not child’s play to create and operate the dashboard. You need to be proficient in programming and familiar with data sources like the CRM (customer relationship management) software used and the marketing automation platform. Integrating these into the dashboard is essential in order to properly analyse your product’s popularity.

Even creating a report through the dashboard or making changes to it requires a bit of skill. Making modifications to the dashboard would require a considerable amount of technical knowledge. Since marketing is an important part of any company and automation is the way to go these days, knowing how to use a dashboard is a pretty useful skill to have.

Start-ups are emerging every day and digitalization means every new business has a website that would stand to benefit from marketing automation. So if you know how to create and operate a marketing automation dashboard, it makes you just that much more employable.

With tons of students graduating with a management degree every year, the race is on!

Get an edge over your competitors when it comes to employability. A mere MBA, while a great asset in the past, is not enough to get you a job these days. This is where knowledge of such emerging technologies comes into the picture.


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