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Building your Profile while Working Full-time

Landing our first job is a major milestone for all of us, but it’s just the beginning of our careers. There’s plenty of room for improvement and learning, regardless of the industry or profession you’re in. There are also always better job prospects than the one you have, and this scope for growth is what drives us to excel. Building a professional profile, thus, doesn’t end when you land a job. It’s a continuous process which stretches, perhaps, even until your retirement.

Every industry is dynamic, and it continues to evolve, with new information pouring in everyday through research. It’s up to you if you wish to keep up with all the changes, but better opportunities don’t come knocking at the doors of the unchanging. Keeping up with the changing times is especially essential if you’re in the tech field. The changes here are rapid, with new developments enveloping the old, and slowly but surely making old technology obsolete.

But how can continue building on your profile when you’re working full-time? How will you know when there are better job offers at your doorstep? And most importantly, how will you increase your employability while working full-time?

#1 – Take up online courses

The Internet is not a novelty any more. It’s also no longer compulsory to actually go to a class to get a course done, what with the internet making connectivity so much easier. Online courses are the “thing” now, especially since you can take them up from anywhere!

There are free courses offered by various renowned universities available on all sorts of topics on edX and Coursera, though you do need to pay for a certificate. NPTEL is another useful website for online courses. Whatever may be your current job, it doesn’t hurt to learn extra stuff through these courses. Of course, it certainly helps if you get a certificate from somewhere amazing.

#2 – Network!

The importance of networking can’t be emphasized enough. Making and keeping in touch with your contacts is the most useful thing you can do, especially when you’re in the corporate world. It’s always good to look for new and better job prospects through these contacts. They are the ones who’ll keep their feelers out for you.

But at the same time, you must ensure that your network knows that you’re not unhappy with your current job. Make it clear to them that when a job opportunity comes their way, they’re free to share it with you, and build enough of a bond with them that they don’t forget to contact you.

#3 – Read Magazines

This is something people often neglect to do, relating magazines to “Page 3” and gossip. But there’s no better way to keep yourself updated with trends of your profession than reading magazines of that specific field.

For example, if you work in the automobile industry, magazines like Car India and Autocar India are popular. There is cutting-edge research going on in every field around, and newspapers can only tell you so much. If you wish to keep up with the changes, magazines are your best bet!

#4 – Learn to code

It’s the age of computers we’re in now. Almost everything around us, from the most mundane day-to-day tasks to complicated operations, can now be done using all kinds of computer devices. Coding is, of course, a necessary skill for all of these operations, and there never seem to be enough coders around!

If, other than your chosen field, you also know how to code, your job prospects and employability increase exponentially.

#5 – Learn associated skills

No job requires just a singular skill. But one skill is typically what most graduation course are likely to teach us. Take the example of any corporate job. Whichever position you’re in, without relying on strong interpersonal skills and communication,, there’s almost no way up the ladder for you. In fact, even if you do start your own venture, the only way it’ll grow and allow you to take it to new heights is if you’re versed with strong management skills.

Clearly, picking up the skills associated with your particular profession is something that’ll add volumes to your professional profile. It’d be wise to not turn a blind eye to it.

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