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Power Up Your Profile With Round Zero, Our Built-In, Easy-To-Use Video Resume Tool!

Easy to use video resume tool

Landing a job depends a lot on the kind of impression you create on the hiring manager during an interview! That interview is pretty much the ‘make it or break it’ moment for you. Traditional resumes don’t reveal much about you, anyway.

Not so with media resumes! Creating a media resume, especially a video one, is one way to impress the hiring manager much before the interview. You get to tell your story with passion, and the hiring manager gets the ‘real deal’ before going ahead with an interview. Win-win, you see!

Creating video resumes, though, takes a good deal of thought and effort. In fact, candidates might also avoid making them… Let’s understand why!

Why You Might Be Unwilling To Make Video Resumes…

There’s no doubt that video resumes are more attractive and effective than the traditional resumes. However, there are a few challenges that might make you unwilling to spend a lot of time on creating them. Here are some:

1. You Don’t Have The Required Equipment/Expertise…

If you are recording a video resume in the traditional manner, you will need a good quality camera and some tools to edit the recorded video. Not everybody is skilled enough to manage recording an error-free video, edited just right, and with sufficient impact!

2. You Don’t Know About The Competition…

There are no set standards when it comes to creating video resumes, since it’s a pretty recent thing. There may be drastic differences in the production quality, and while this might not be the decisive factor in determining your eligibility for the role, it could sure create a bad impression!

3. Sending The Resume To A Recruiter Might Be A Challenge…  

Sending the video resume to a prospective employer could also be a challenge. You could attach it with an email, but there are hardly any guarantees that the employer would view it!

Pretty relevant reasons to avoid making video resumes altogether! But, what if you had a tool that takes care of all these problems?

We, at Iimjobs, have built a tool called ‘Round Zero’ that helps you record a video or audio resume, which is then shared along with your profile to prospective recruiters. Let’s explore how Round Zero can be your blessing in disguise and land you the job you have been vying for!

Round Zero: A Tool To Record Some Kickass Video Resumes!

Round Zero lets you record a 60-second clip (audio and video) which gets saved on the iimjobs website. Here’s how it can help you in your job seeking efforts:

1. Helps You Get Noticed:

Round Zero gives you an edge over other candidates, by letting you record a video resume within a job portal i.e.

It gives you an opportunity to stand out amongst the sea of candidates, it is up to you obviously to record a great video that highlights your skills and personality, but Round Zero surely helps you get noticed by a prospective employer, even before being shortlisted for an interview!

2. In-Built, Easy To Use:

It is as simple as clicking on the record button and using your charm to create a perfect video resume!

Once you have entered pertinent information related to your education and professional details, you are redirected to the page where you can upload your traditional resume, and just go ahead and record a video resume right on the spot.

Most people hesitate at the thought of recording a video as they are not technically sound, Round Zero provides an easy-to-use alternative which is completely hassle-free.

Additionally, since Round Zero restricts uploading of video/audio resumes, you can be rest assured of the uniformity of all the recorded resumes!

3. Convenient:

Every time you send an email to a prospective employer, you need to ensure your video resume is attached. There is always the fear that the hiring manager might not be able to download the video format for some reason, or might skip it entirely owing to the sheer volume of emails they receive throughout the day!

With Round Zero, the video resume is immediately visible to the recruiter, and they don’t even need to download it! They can view it directly on the site.

Also, every time a recruiter views your resume, you get notified in real time!

How Media Resumes Can Help You Boost Your Profile!

‘Media resume’ is the buzzword today and a definite add-on to your job application. Every job seeker wants to have the best shot while applying for a job and video resumes especially give you a great opportunity to be able to do so. Here’s how video resumes can help you:

1. Convey Much More Than Conventional Resumes

Paper resumes have their limitations. It follows a typical format where you can mention the skills you have learned, but have limited scope of actually explaining them with the help of an example.

A video resume can better showcase skills relevant to the job. For example, if you are applying for a marketing role, you can record a video that focuses on your creativity, wit, and storytelling skills along with brand awareness.

It may seem goofy, but it will show your personality while also demonstrating your skills and experience firsthand.

2. Offer More Visibility:

For obvious reasons, a video resume is a visual medium through which recruiters can actually see you. Imagine the advantage of being able to watch someone demonstrate their skills in a passionate manner as opposed to recruiters reading it all out listed on a plain sheet of paper!

For those 60 seconds, the recruiter is all eyes and ears and you definitely have an edge over the others, provided your video resume is awesome.

3. Great Medium To Display Selling Skills:

The ability to sell is one skill that is useful in every business or profession. No matter which industry you want to make your mark in, sales is an essential aspect, and if you want to enter the marketing or customer-facing sectors such as hotels or retail, you better know how to sell.

If you have a video resume, you are firstly giving out an impression that you are not scared to face people, that you are comfortable facing the camera too, which works in your favour.

Secondly, a video resume isn’t any different to a typical sales pitch, where you have to sell yourself and your skills in a creative way.

4. Shows Willingness To Embrace Technology:

Every business and company today has a digital presence, where it is essential for them to stay active on a regular basis. This can work to your advantage as employers are on the lookout for tech-savvy employees, and having a video resume shows your eagerness to make the best use of technology.

This is a great skill for any industry because it shows that you are able to learn quickly with new and emerging technologies.

Media resumes are slowly becoming the norm since they work well for both, the recruiters and the job seekers. What are you waiting for? Use Round Zero, and give your career the boost it needs!

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